Dollar Store Double Feature

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Yoga Hosers

Director Kevin Smith went a bit off the grid in the years between 2010’s Cop Out and this year’s upcoming Jay and Silent Bob reboot. In those years, he also got into making low budget horror movies for some strange reason. Starting with Red State in 2011 which I’ve been wanting to see but hadn’t got a chance to. So I was surprised as shit to find one of his newer movies buried under all the dvd clutter a Dollar General near my house. The movie was called Yoga Hosers and I knew nothing about it other than it was directed by Kevin Smith and featured his and Johhny Depp’s daughter. Which I later found out were reprising their roles from previous Smith movie I was vaguely aware of called Tusk. Curiosity got the best of me though and I bought the damn thing.

Turns out Yoga Hosers…

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