As for fashion, my model will most likely not be wearing clothes, or very little, as I want to add to the theme of vulnerability that I already have

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I will also be playing with a more clothed look, as it would give me a chance to play with some more cyberpunk fashion (again I’m tempted to use a more modern goth style, with things like circuitry and LEDs to fit the theme).

Sunlight + Darkness from Midnight Sun to Polar Night

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Does Tristan Harris Own Google Stocks or Facebook Stocks?

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You go into a country that didn’t even have Internet before, and suddenly all of the content that’s created in those local languages is actually all on Facebook.

Tristan Harris “Netflix’s The Social Dilemma: Filmmaker and Tech Experts in Conversation with Katie Couric” (92nd Street Y) [33:06 – 33:16]

BTW: a very simple solution to the problems raised in “The Social Dilemma” is rational media.