Tiramisu from Scratch (w/ Recipe video)

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The Gastronomy Gal

Tiramisu, made with cream, cookies, and coffee is the ultimate dessert for coffee lovers. The dessert may seem intimidating, but is actually quite simple to make. One of the great things about tiramisu is that usually no matter how many mistakes are made, the outcome will be delicious because the science behind the dessert is not as nitpicky as it may be for other desserts. By this I mean, overwhipping of the cream, ladyfingers too crispy, ladyfingers too soggy, and so many other “problems” will all be fine once the tiramisu is put together. Unless you scramble the eggs or add a monstrous amount of sugar, I think you will be fine.

Many people choose to purchase ladyfingers for the dessert, but today I took the extra step to make the ladyfingers. It is definitely worth the time to make the dessert entirely from scratch as you really can taste…

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